aaaaand after.
Coconut crab before
full moon flight at dusk. Efate, Moso, Pele and Emao islands on the flight to Santo. #peacecorps #vanuatu
Asia was amazing but it’s nice to be back in the South Pacific. Noumea, New Caldedonia from the air.
Kuala Lumpur from the air, landing after a flight from Vietnam.  (at LCCT Waiting Room T1-T12)
Memorial to Thich Quang Duc who in 1963 self immolated in protest and to gain awareness of how Buddhists were being treated. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  (at Thich Quang Duc)
The 11:30pm arrives at … 3:10am. See ya soon Vietnam.
At the bus station. Midnight bus Phnom Penh, Cambodia —> Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  (at Virak Buntam Express Bus)
Overflowing with visas right now.
another quick one of the jungle temple at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.